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We partner with married, unmarried and pre-marital couples to strengthen their relationships. Clients come to our office facing a range of challenges in their relationship or marriage. For example, "my spouse is saying 'I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore,'" "we have become distant and need to re-connect or re-ignite the flame," "we are having problems with intimacy and lack of sex," "I caught him/her in a lie or being cheating and I no longer trust them," or "my spouse wants a separation or stop a divorce...and I still want to work on things" While we can
“Dr. Shane helped us to hear past the hurt. I was so nervous and embarrassed before coming into your office. Although we hadn't been married very long, we had become so distant and resentful of each other that things seemed hopeless. You were easy to talk to, and within a couple of sessions it felt like you had known us forever. Initially, it was hard to trust your advice that 'we needed to work on our friendship, and begin to trust that our spouse had a valid point that we both needed to try and hear -- whether we agreed or not.' However, I have come to realize