We offer:

* Marital and Pre-marital Counseling
* Relationship Workshops and Keynote Speaking
* Individual Counseling
* Inter-racial couples counseling
* Family counseling
* Blended Family Counseling
* Conflict resolution skills
* Impulse and anger management
* Alcohol and substance abuse treatment
* ADHD and related issues

Romantic relationships are hard enough, and to make matters worse divorce rates show it can be even more challenging if your and or your partner is African American.

Dr. Shane has been featured in the Washington Times and Post, Essence and Ebony Magazine, and XM Radio.” In addition, Dr. Shane appeared in the documentary on marriage in the Black Community, “You Saved Me,” is a Blogger for Psychology Today, and spoke at The Congressional Black Caucus.

We will partner with you to start the process of becoming a better listener to begin to make peace with the past (and start getting past the hurt), and start developing the skills needed to begin to start resolving problems in a “Win/Win” vs “Win/Lose” fashion.

For a consult, please contact us at 301.588.4600