Joe and Simone’s Story

“The first 2 years were miserable, and the future seemed BLEAK…” That loving feeling was long gone.

Although I pleaded with Joe to go to counseling, he refused. Time after time again, we would break up and would always get back together only to discover instead of getting better it always got much worse. Despite our love for each other, there was verbal – and, yes, even physical – abuse, and finally an affair.

Hopeless, I left the marriage.

He began counseling without me, and asked if I would come. At first, I refused. However, guilt overcame me (I am Catholic after all), and I wanted to be able to tell others that I had tried. Once I began to see some sincere changes in Joe, I decided to give it one last try.

For the last two years, it has been nice to be in love again — and, even more so, with Joe. We still have our challenges, but are happily married. I’ve rediscovered our connection, and we are buds again. And we are pregnant. I am excited (and relieved) to know our daughter will be born into a happy home.

J & S, Matthews — Burtonsville, MD

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