Lance and Heather’s Story

Much to our surprise, we re-ignited the flame

I hadn’t felt love for my wife in at least 6 years. In fact, it was well beyond not loving her: I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her.

All we ever did was fight.

We had gotten to the point where it no longer mattered if the kids were standing right there. We would just slung mud at each other, denying the damage we were doing to our kids. Then one day while taking my son home he asked “why “don’t you like mommy anymore?,” the next day I decided to come to counseling for the sake of the kids.

I never expected Heather and I to find each other again. We resolved our conflicts, forgave each other and re-ignited the flame and friendship we once felt towards each other.

Thanks a million, AAMC.”

K., Lance & Heather — Bethesda, MD.

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