Quentin and Brandy’s Story

Despite being separated a few times, we learned how to resolve our differences in a win/win way, and that has made our marriage stronger and happier.

We had been living separately for over a year and a half. Both of us had accepted divorce as the next step, but reluctantly agreed to give it one last chance before we filed.

Our counseling breakthroughs at AAMC were simple, yet sometimes unimaginably meaningful. Over time, unexpressed resentments and hurts surfaced that we hadn’t been expressed in years. We were holding on to so much pain that it was no wonder we would have big fights over little things. To avoid conflict we had come to the point that we preferred to be in separate rooms.

I thought we were simply incompatible.

Our counselor was very candid and direct with us. We fought, shut down, laughed, cried together and had several set backs. Yet, through it all, we developed a better understanding of each other. Ultimately, we learned how to resolve our differences by creating ‘win/win vs. win/lose or lose/lose scenarios.’

Even though we still have our share of disagreements and fights, we remain very happily married to this day.”

Q and B — Virginia

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