Premarital Pre-Committal Counseling

Researchers have found that premarital counseling can reduce the odds of divorce by 30%.

Premarital Counseling is a way to learn more about your fiance and build some skills that could potentially strengthen your two as a couple, which could ultimately positively impact your marriage.

In addition to challenging couples to consider important issues related to compatibility and resolving differences and/or conflicts in a win/win vs win/lose fashion, premarital counseling guides couples through modules related to the “ABCs of Communication”, “Love Languages,” “Love and Money” and more.

Throughout this pre-marital therapy, all topics and related concerns are discussed with a couples therapists. Together, we will partner with you to identify and better understand your strengths, and leverage them to empower you to fortify areas of opportunity. (On average, pre-marital counseling couples attend 8 sessions.)

To Your Success,

Prepare to “Live Happily Ever After…”

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