David and Mary’s Story

“Dr. Shane helped us to hear past the hurt. I was so nervous and embarrassed before coming into your office. Although we hadn't been married very long, we had become so distant and resentful of each other that things seemed hopeless. You were easy to talk to, and within a couple of sessions it felt like you had known us forever. Initially, it was hard to trust your

Dominique and Leo’s Story

Our marriage was all but dead

We both wanted to make it work, or at least to honor our vowels, but we just seemed stuck repeating this painful dance. Our sole focus was on changing each other, and neither of us wanted to look past our pain and accept we were the one in need of change. In fact, when you told me 'I would ultimately have to choose between my pain and

Lance and Heather’s Story

Much to our surprise, we re-ignited the flame

I hadn’t felt love for my wife in at least 6 years. In fact, it was well beyond not loving her: I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. All we ever did was fight. We had gotten to the point where it no longer mattered if the kids were standing right there. We would just slung mud at each other, denying t

Joe and Simone’s Story

"The first 2 years were miserable, and the future seemed BLEAK…” That loving feeling was long gone.

Although I pleaded with Joe to go to counseling, he refused. Time after time again, we would break up and would always get back together only to discover instead of getting better it always got much worse. Despite our love for each other, there was verbal – and, ye

Quentin and Brandy’s Story

Despite being separated a few times, we learned how to resolve our differences in a win/win way, and that has made our marriage stronger and happier.

We had been living separately for over a year and a half. Both of us had accepted divorce as the next step, but reluctantly agreed to give it one last chance before we filed. Our counseling breakthroughs at AAMC were s