If you have ever wondered “WTF Are Men Thinking?,” Then Don’t Miss this One Ladies.

The “Tell All” book to end all “Tell All” books about “WTF Are Men Thinking” is finally here.

In this landmark book, 250,000 Men Reveal What Women REALLY Want to Know…(Hope they come out with the Female companion version soon. LOL.) It truly Let’s the proverbial ‘Cat Out of the Bag’ on a wide Range of questions: For example, Why is it so hard for me to express their feelings? Is he listening? What habits drive men away? Is it romantic if I make the first move? Do men ever not want sex? Will he feel insecure if I earn more than him? and Are men intimidated by a woman in a higher position?

This book will answer many of the questions that often lead to miscommunications and misunderstandings with the men. It was inspired by a female friend who asked the age-old question of “why men act the way they do.” So Brya and Almaraz set off on a quest to discover the answer by polling over 1000 women anonymously to find out what their top relationship questions were; then they proceeded to get answers from 250,000 men. They found their results so intriguing that they decided to write a book about it.

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Ladies Enjoy. Sure it will be a great read for your next Book Club.

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