Are you looking to discover the “Secrets of Soul-mate Love?”

If so, you are like many of the clients that come to see me — married, dating or single. One of the most effective tools I have found to assist them in connecting with “Mr. Right” vs “Right Now’” is Kathy Freston’s CD, “The One.”

Whether you are single looking to become “the one” for your ideal mate, trying to identify “the one” to establish a fulfilling relationship, or currently dating, engaged or married and looking create or re-create your connection with “the one” — this spiritual book will help you understand the role of your childhood past, previous and current relationship patterns, and other factors that will provide transformational insights that will empower you to enjoy the “Secrets of Soul-mate Love.”Listen, Learn and fasten your seat-belts…cause your relationship with “the one” is on it’s way — and you may find you are already dating or married to them. LOL!

Dr. Shane

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