Dr. Shane in the Press…

Essence Magazine (May 2017) Your Man’s Other Women

Essence Magazine: Dr. Shane Interviewed about Questions Couples Should Ask Before Tying the Knot

Ebony Magazine (March 2013) Take Your Relationship Deeper

Ebony Magazine (June 2012). Why Good Boys Get a Bad Rap: Understanding ADHD

Ebony Magazine(Jan 2012/Dec 2011).Ready to Commit–or Forcing the Fit

Ebony Magazine (Nov 2011). Rewriting the Marriage Rules

Ebony Magazine (Aug 2011). Crossing the Collar Line

Ebony Magazine (May 2011). Untangle That Triangle:  Avoid Making Three a Crowd

Dr. Shane Appears on The Terry Owen’s ABC Show to discuss how to balance “Love and Money” during difficult financial times.

Will to Live: The Teka Adam’s Story, Guest Specialist, Dr. Shane Perrault

XM Radio Interview: “The Power, Joe Madison’s Show,” Dr. Shane Talks About the State of African American MarriagesDr. Shane Blogs for Psychology Today: Can Being a Female Breadwinner Cost You Your Relationship?

Dr. Shane Blogs for Psychology Today: ADHD Relationships — 7 Tips to Get the Focus Back on Love!

Dr. Shane Blogs for Psychology Today: Find Your Knight-In-Shining-Armor — Five Secrets of Women Who Meet More Men Than They Can Ever Date.

Dr. Shane Blogs for Psychology Today: Why Would a Happy Tiger Woods Cheat? And Why Do Men Cheat at All?

Dr. Shane Appears on TV One’s NEWONE NOW show with  Roland Martin to Discuss his book “The Black MANual: Less Drama, More Love – A Single Woman’s Guide to Choosing Mr. Right”

The Washington Times Article: WETZSTEIN: Black marriage needs win-win

Examiner Article: Dr. Shane Perrault and Audrey Chapman Address African American Singles and the Tale of Marriage

Washington Post Article: A Candidate Who Mirrors Their Lives Black Professionals See Obama’s Trials, Gains as Reflection of Their Own

Washington Post Article: Congresswoman Norton’s Forum at Focuses on Marriage in Black Community

BlackandMarriedwithKids.com Article: Black Male-Female Relationships — How Do We Heal Our Pain?

Black Christians News Article: What Happened to Black Marriages

“The Afro” News Article: Congressional Black Caucus Examines State of Black Marriage

Speaking Engagements…

Stanford University Black Alumni Summit: The Black Boudoir

Film Screening Discussion: You Saved Me

Film Screening Discussion: Men Ain’t Boys

Dr. Shane Perrault Speaks at Congresswoman Norton’s Forum at the Congressional Black Caucus, with co-facilitator Audrey Chapman

Book Dr. Shane to Speak…

“A powerful speaker…your speech hit the ball out of the park. You made some excellent points, while successfully balancing humor, challenging your audience and educating them. I look forward to making your acquaintance on a lot of other issues related to family and marriage.”




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