African American couple kissing
African American Couple kissing on a date


* Marital and Pre-marital Counseling
* Individual Counseling
* Inter-racial couples counseling
* Family counseling
* LBGTQ Relationship counseling
* Conflict resolution skill building
* ADHD and related issues
* Services for clients of African & Carribean descent
* Services for clients of Christian & Muslim faith
* Workshops and Keynote Speaking

Romantic relationships are hard enough, and to make matters worse divorce rates show it can be even more challenging if your and/or your partner is African American.

We will work hard to partner with you to try and start the process of hearing each other and building the skills needed to start making peace with the past (and getting past the hurt), and start resolving future conflicts by creating more “Win/Win” vs “Win/Lose” outcomes.

Couples frequently come to us for help with…

* Forgiving and being forgiven.
* Getting their spouse to change.
* Reconnecting with a spouse that has “checked-out”.
* A lack of romance and/or sex.
* Rebuilding broken trust.
* Ending their separation, or stopping their divorce.
* Dealing with a spouse saying, “I’m not in love with you, anymore.”
* Feeling like their spouse isn’t making them a priority.
* Hearing — and being heard by — their spouse.
* Integrating blended families
* Treating addictive behavior
* Receiving therapy from someone who get’s it — so we “don’t have to explain”.

African American Marriage Counseling, Greenbelt, MD. Relationship therapy counselor specializing in marriage counseling. As an African American Marriage Counselor for married and pre-marital couples, we offer marital therapy for Washington, DC, Prince George’s County and Howard County reside

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