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Why Money is Emotional

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You’ve got treasury yields rising, which in effect it should be a good thing. Right? We’ve been, we’ve been expecting higher growth. We’ve been wanting higher growth. We needed to get out of the depth of the pandemic and, and more jobs and more stimulus to help fight it. And so treasury yields are rising for the right reasons. And that’s why stocks have been rising.

Why does it feel so ugly? And why does it feel like the market is pressing the fed to do more? When Powell will sit there and says we’re going to do as much as we can, and we’re going to stay all in until we totally get through this. Dr. Shane African-American marriage, counselor, man. Help you, Dr. Shane,

how are you? It’s Kim. Hey Kim, how are you doing Well? I’m I’m okay. I guess I could say I’m well, I’m doing good, but what do you mean you’re? Well, Well, okay. Oh, we’re still kind of struggling through this whole financial thing. I think you call it financial infidelity and I just, I just can’t,

I don’t understand my husband. He is a great guy, but I mean, he’s a miser and I just don’t John. Sometimes he just, he means well, but otherwise some of the financial things that we accomplished together wouldn’t be possible. So, but he’s just cheap and I’m totally turned off. I’m just over it. So what did he accuse you of,

of, of doing, what did he accuse you? I did accuse you of cheating. I mean, when did he say you bought? So to me, it’s, it’s nothing, but he’s in and he’s blown away out of proportion. I was out shopping, like I always do on the weekends. And I was in one of my favorite stores and this furniture I’ve been I for a while,

I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale and it had never got a sale and it was the last one. So I had to have it. What store by chance did you get this? I’d rather, I’d rather just not say it’s a very expensive furniture store. I know he hit the roof. I know he hit the roof. So what happened afterwards?

How did he deal with it? I mean, of course he wants to talk about the financial goals and what we’ve agreed to. And I know we’re trying to pay off things and pay off our home, but what’s a home. If I don’t have the beautiful furniture that I want inside, it may get my home. Gotcha. But weren’t you guys supposed to be saving for a new home?

I remember you expressed that you needed to have 20 down, so you, you, you know, you could cut some of your costs. Well, that’s a part of the problem because this furniture that I bought was $5,000. Okay. Okay. 5,000. And you, it wasn’t in the budget by any chance, was it? Well, I mean,

I figured that we could get it in some way. I just, I just wanted it. I just had average. I see. I see. So he thinks you’re cheating again and you’re not respecting him and you’re just blowing through the money. Well, I guess you could put it that way. That is his Achilles’ heel. We all know that.

All right. Let’s let’s do this. Is he open to coming in or is he just done? I don’t, I don’t know. I let him just go take a breather. Hopefully we can have a conversation or a level headed conversation with him when he gets back. But Okay. 5,000 hours, I see him getting off and the time it takes to,

to drive around the block a couple of times, all right. You know, let’s, let’s figure something out. Let’s get you in here. Let’s kinda try. And I don’t know what I’m going to, but you know, we gotta figure out how to move forward, how to get that 5,000 back. Cause if we don’t have 20% down and he has to pay a penalty PMI charge for a week,

for a day, you’ve got to go crazy. Okay. So what do you want me to do now? Right? Let’s just get you in. I’ll have you talk with the secretary. We’ll we’ll get your for an appointment. Okay. All right. Thank you. All right. Thanks. Take care of by Romance and fire. One of the most amazing things I was served about couples is we hire the same and married the opposite.

And these two are opposites. So it may sound bad when you first think about it, but he got to know a little history. So she grew up with parents that say they put money aside. They didn’t really invest in their relationship that much. And they got a divorce and she said, boy, and laugh. I am going to enjoy the ride.

He, on the other hand, their parent, his parents had to come and live with them the last 10 years. Cause they were dead broke. And he said he never got the money like they did. So they really had a bad history. And his focus is the destination. Her focus is the journey. And that may very well be a lot of you out there where your financial philosophies are different.

So let me give you some quick, quick things to do. First of all, learn at these two different positions can compliment each other. We do have to get to a destination. You do need funds in your college and your kids to 90. You do need to put money aside for a rainy day and he’s right on that front. But if you don’t enjoy the ride,

you’re saving money for attorneys. And so we have to balance that we have to get some hardcore rules of engagement. What are the things that I work with couples on and even setting a dollar 250 $500, whatever it may be to. Whereas over this purchase price, we have to get both of our votes. Anyways, money is a funny thing, while it can’t buy,

you love fighting over, it can bankrupt your marriage. So what I want you to do is one or two things. Either you could get my course romance and finance, or you could just make an appointment African-American marriage counseling, and we could help you create win-wins versus lose, lends, lose, loses in your relationship when it comes to money and matters of the heart balance and meals to make it a great day.

And I’ll see you soon.

Dr. Shane Perrault

Dr. Shane Perrault

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